Ratan Das, Ph.D., P.Eng.

ratan.das@ieee.org           +1-570-947-7931

                       Standards Activities

Ratan has taken an active role in the development IEEE Standards since 1999 through his active participation and leadership in many working groups:

Chair, IEEE PSRC WG H4 for C37.111 (COMTRADE) Standard (2005-2013)

Vice-Chair of IEEE PSRC WG J7 for IEEE C37.101 Generator Ground Protection Guide (2000-2007)

Ratan also contributed to numerous other IEEE working groups that has developed standards since 1999 and he participated in the balloting process of the IEEE standards for over 15 years.

Ratan is also involved in the IEC-IEEE dual logo standards activities enabling the development of global standards:

Member, WG H10: IEC/IEEE 60255-118-1 Ed.1.0 Synchrophasor Standard (2013-Present)

Chair WG H4:  C37.111 (COMTRADE) Standard (2005-2013)