Ratan Das, Ph.D., P.Eng.

ratan.das@ieee.org           +1-570-947-7931

                  CIGRÉ Activities

Ratan is attending CIGRÉ meetings since 2006 and contributed to the following working groups as an USNC representative:

B5/C4.61  Impact of Low Inertia Network on Protection and Control (2017-)

B5.60  Protection, Automation & Control Architectures with Functionality Independent Hardware (2017-)

B5.63  Protection, Automation and Control System Asset Management (2017-)

B5.64  Methods for Specification of Functional Requirements of Protection, Automation and Control System (2017-)

C4.24 on Power Quality and EMC Issues Associated With Future Electricity Networks (2013-)

C4.34 on Application of Phasor Measurement Units for Monitoring Power System Dynamic Performance (2013-)

B5.52 on Analysis and comparison of fault location systems in AC power networks (2013-)

B5.94 Task Force 52 High Impedance Fault Detection (2006-2008)